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Formatics is a IT solutions company with over 11 years' experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, Web-based enterprise solutions, Web application and portal development. We combine our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model to offer progressive, end-to-end Web solutions.


Based on the higher-level principles of being a single access point to various information resources, web and enterprise portals unite data sources, content and applications in one place and make them available for users depending on a wide range of business objectives and user roles.

Performance and scalability

Formatics delivers server farm topology design and multiple farm deployments & configuration services (for portals to be deployed on corporate servers and in data centers). In addition, our team has strong skills in utilizing virtualization technologies and hosting applications in clouds. Formatics uses database performance optimization and industry proven best-practice programming patterns.

Integration with other services

Formatics has vast experience in business process automation. We are able to connect a portal solution to multiple enterprise data sources. We also have extensive experience of integration with third-party web services, news feeds, payment gateways and social networks.


We speak many languages. The experienced team at Formatics is familiar with numerous development languages including: C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Angular JS, jQuery, JSON, XML, AJAX, HTML(5) and CSS.

Frameworks & Costs

To cut development costs and reduce project duration we work with a wide variety of Open Source frameworks to realize our clients ideas. Need an expert for a project based on NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Web2py, Django or Symfony2?

If we didn't scare you with our tech capabilities and you want more info about a custom webapplication crafted by our engineers or you need consulting in an ongoing project feel free to contact us.